Strategic UX training for startup initiatives with Creative Bridge

Creative Bridge is a programme targeted at prospective startups from within the creative sector. It is a part of Creative Informatics, a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Creative Edinburgh and CodeBase.

Each of the experts engaged in the programme delivers a session on a particular subject. I am responsible for the strategic UX workshop on understanding customers. Participants explore:

  1. The concept of outcome-focused design, contrary to the mainstream feature-driven delivery approach,
  2. Methods for conducting quick customer interviews,
  3. Basics of the Jobs To Be Done framework that helps them appreciate the need for answering real problems, and provides a method for validation of their initial research.

So far it’s been going very well — both groups I interacted with were attentive and focused. These people have some amazing ideas! And they ask important and smart questions. All I can do is to wish them well in their startup journeys. It’s a privilege to be able to equip them with tools they need to lead their future businesses into fruition.

Yasmin Sulaiman, who invited me to participate in the programme, summarises the experience of our professional engagement so far:

Working with Wojtek makes my job much easier! From the planning stages to the delivery and  post-session debrief, Wojtek is well-prepared, punctual and detail-oriented. Most of all, he’s a charismatic workshop leader and is great at keeping all the participants involved and active over a 3 hour period. Wojtek’s regular session on Understanding Customers has become one of the highlights of Creative Bridge, and he’s generous with his time during 1-to-1 advice sessions with our participants. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

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