Product discovery and validation for CogniHealth

CogniHealth is a startup that provides educational support to families affected by long-term conditions like dementia. I have joined their team for a series of activities that allowed us to:

  1. Understand what are the current barriers and expectations surrounding the use of CogniHealth’s core product, CogniCare app,
  2. Ideate and validate CogniHealth’s business model.

It is great when stakeholders work closely with designers. CogniHealth’s openness towards new ideas paved the way for a brand new service. We started the engagement with the analysis of the company’s mobile app (by means of customer consultation and an expert review resulting from it). Eager to improve the existing proposition, my new CogniHealth colleagues worked really hard during the workshops focused on exploration of different business models. The outcome was the concept of a new platform.  Once developed, not only will it provide important advice, but also monetise the organisation’s proposition. Following the ideation phase, we tested the concept and the prototype. The final deliverables of the new system’s information architecture model (IA) and content model marked the end of an engaging and interesting project.

One of my favourite ways of working with clients is to teach them methods of my work, so they can later do simple things themselves — without the need for an expensive consultancy service. This time I have passed some knowledge and skills to Pooja and Pranav, who are keen on developing a solid usability testing practice in-house.

In response to my work, Pooja Jain, one of CogniHealth’s Co-Founders, said:

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Wojtek. He has the ability to look at design work keeping technical and business feasibility in mind. He has helped shape and bring a feature idea to a well thought-out and tested prototype. He is organised, communicates in a clear and efficient manner and is on-time with deliverables. Moreover, it was a great learning experience for us — he taught us the skills required for user testing, always there when we needed his advice and equipped us to take this work further. We enjoyed working with Wojtek.”

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