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Introduction to Web Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Two-day online training

Following the success of the new, 2-day long training programme for introduction to web accessibility and inclusive design, I have now scheduled another date.

We’ll meet again on 9-10 February 2021 to dive into topics that are vital to your company’s practice.

Information and tickets are available on Eventbrite (Early Bird prices until 17th of December).

Not sure if it’s worth it?

Here’s what one of the participants said:

“I recently attended the Introduction to Web Accessibility and Inclusive Experience Design course, led by Wojtek, and it was excellent.

It covered both the moral and technical aspects of the topic, at both a high level to engage the group and with sufficient technical detail to enable us to immediately start to action change.

Wojtek has a contagious passion for his subject, and his engaging manner kept interest throughout the two days with a mixture of lecture, discussion and practical exercises. I would highly recommend his courses for those interested in working with this subject and wanting to make a fairer and more open digital world.”

Nick Watton, Front End Designer at Storm ID

Using the Feeling Good App? Get in touch.

Participants needed. Perhaps you’re one of them? 🙂

Your GP might have recommended you the app, or maybe you know about it from your university. The Feeling Good App is an NHS-approved, mental health-supporting, mobile application for iPhones and Android devices.

I am running a research that will help us understand how we could improve the app. I would like to organise a 45 minute-long call with you (over Zoom) to ask you about your experience of it. In exchange for your time I can offer a £20 Amazon voucher.

If you have used it recently or are using it right now, please give me a shout by sending an email to

Web Accessibility and Inclusion Training

I am going to run a special, two day, intense training that will introduce its participants to the concepts and methods of web accessibility and inclusive design.

Previously delivered to organisations, this training course will now be open and available to anyone.

Running over two days of 29-30th of September, the course will be fully remote.

Visit the Eventbrite page for more information and tickets.

New clients and UX training

Participants of my Jobs To Be Done training in session

It’s been a while since the last entry. I am keeping myself, currently providing research consultancy services to two amazing organisations. One of them is a new body with a base in Poland (and I am not at liberty to disclose its name yet). The other one is Shelter Scotland, a charity focused on housing. Together we want to improve the quality of self-service for Shelter website users.

That’s not everything — the last few months were full of intense training sessions. I conducted workshops for returning and new clients, all keen to empower their software development teams. From the basics of UX to advanced subjects of working with the Jobs To Be Done methodology, we’ve covered a plethora of interesting topics. One session I remember fondly is the introduction to service design for the Scottish Legal Complaints Commision. Neil Alan Stevenson, it’s Chief Executive, describes it as follows:

Wojtek led a fantastic session for our senior leadership team, covering the basics of service design and the links and contrasts with other planning methods (like Asset Based Community Development). Throughout the day he mixed theory, practical exercises and helpful anecdotes from his own extensive experience. We left with inspiration and ideas to start implementing the ‘user focus’ strand of our new four year strategy, and are already in discussions about working further with Wojtek to look at ‘liberating structures’.

(Original on my LinkedIn profile)

On top of that, I’ve had the privilege to open the second day of MobileTrends. Focused on mobile technology, it’s one of the largest conferences in Eastern Europe (now entirely online).

Busy times. Can’t wait for what lies ahead. I’d love to hear from you — let’s work together. I am now taking bookings for the third and second quarter of 2021.