What I did

Improving the UX of Euan’s Guide

Euan’s Guide is a charity from Edinburgh. This small, vibrant organisation runs a website that helps people find accessible places of interest. I have been involved with Euan’s Guide for a good few months. During that time I helped them implement many accessibility fixes resulting from an accessibility and usability audit that I have co-written with my friend, Peter Heery.

We have improved the search results presentation on the site, worked hard on delivering a better review experience and implemented a large number of small additions — that might be invisible to the naked eye, but help users of assistive technologies a lot.

The amazing team that runs the organisation got the chance to work in user-centric fashion. We’ve explored methods of ideation and collaborative design work. We’ve looked at how prototyping can help to articulate ideas and test them early enough. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, I’ve worked closely with the third-party software supplier that facilitates all technical aspects of the experience delivery.

Many of the explored features will be finding their way to the website in due course. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a talented team of people!

Here’s what Antonia Lee-Bapty, Managing Director of Euan’s Guide, said about our work:

Wojtek helped us to explore the usability of our website and how our audience engages with us. Using a variety of techniques from brainstorming through to one to one sessions and user experience conversations we have been able to revise our review process to be more efficient, welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

Agile Scotland 2019

I was invited to present at the Agile Scotland conference in March 2019. I am a fan of well-run Agile processes; and I know how hard it is to actually find Agile that’s, well, really agile. It’s a common myth that sprint-based work can’t accommodate good UX. With the careful application, it’s entirely doable (I recommend a read of the excellent ‘Sense and Respond’ book from J. Gothelf and J. Seiden in order to find out, how).

I wanted to talk about my experiences of working with Agile teams, and so I did in the presentation that’s now available on YouTube. I recommend — although I would like to ask you to take the contents with a pinch of salt. They’re meant to stimulate thinking and open the field of view a bit, that’s all.

The magic is gone, we’re humans again — presentation from Agile Scotland, March 2019