Service design and UX training for Nesta ShareLab

Nesta provides funds and training opportunities to organisations that hope to develop innovative products and services. I was commissioned to provide a tailored service design and user experience training to five organisations taking part in the ShareLab Scotland Programme.

I knew that a typical, academic approach to teaching both subjects wouldn’t work for people who often have very little time and budget in their hands. Additionally, I wasn’t sure what will be the attendees’ level of knowledge about the digital industry and the software/service development lifecycle. Therefore, I have written an intensive programme for a two-day workshop — focusing on practical methods of work and tips rather than lectures. I wanted the participants to leave the training and start using their new skills immediately.

Based mostly on practical exercises and only as little talk as possible, participants explored the following subjects:

  • Personas and participant recruitment methods;
  • Basic user journey mapping in the context of the real world;
  • Interview methods;
  • Methods for constructing quick surveys and gathering insight from social media;
  • Simple collaborative design methods for stakeholders;
  • Measuring interactions in the context of outcome-driven approach.

The training was followed by a series of video calls — consultations on services and products that five organisations were engaged with. This has helped to focus the programme participants on developing a compromise between the user and business needs.

Kyle Usher, Programme Manager for Nesta, received positive feedback about the event. This is what he said about our engagement:

Wojtek created an engaging training programme that helped the projects gather insights from their users, both in person and through the technology, that they were able to feed back into the design and delivery of their platforms to make them even better. Wojtek has the experience and the ability to dive into the details of a new product, ask probing questions and advise on the best approaches to take to develop it further.

The projects who worked with him took a lot away from the sessions, gave me excellent feedback, and I arranged for follow up consultations for them to continue to work with Wojtek individually.

Kyle Usher, Programme Manager for Nesta