UX training and empowerment

UX training participants at work — a group by the wall working on their user journey map, with another group brainstorming at the table.
UX training participants at work

I am writing this post after two intense weeks of working in Poland. I have facilitated four open UX training sessions for 83 people in total. I have also delivered basic accessibility training to El Passion. What a wonderful bunch of people! I’ve lost my voice, but it was worth it. I have closed the trip with my talk on email marketing and UX at the Kongres Online Marketing conference. As usual, I am coming back tired, yet energised and full of ideas and learnings.

The four all-day workshops I have run in Warsaw were:

  • UX for beginners,
  • UX process planning,
  • Planning and facilitation of collaborative design workshops,
  • UX leadership.

It’s been three years since I started teaching in Poland. I am planning to offer some of these workshops on the open market in the UK in 2020. Stay tuned — and monitor the LinkedIn for announcements.

If you feel that any of this can be of use to you or your colleagues — drop me a message, as I can run them in-house as well!

Power to the people!

The real power of teaching people is not in the knowledge transfer but in empowerment. My students say that they’re finally able to act — and are growing in confidence. Knowing that I can give them the power to do so is the best part of being a trainer. Customer needs evolve over time. The training material must change with them. I keep iterating the sessions. I am also implementing fixes based on the solid feedback I get from students. This time I did something I’ve never done before to that scale. I have used Liberating Structures (LS) for most of the training activities. This has brought the group interaction to another level. LS cut through hierarchy and group dynamics like a knife through butter. Everyone contributed with their knowledge. The discussions were fruitful and practical. It was a clear win.

Participants of one of my UX workshops discussing their work.
Groupwork time!

I will keep experimenting with the framework, as the benefits are incredible. The transformative power of the structures is remarkable. Predicting the level of engagement is always the hardest in training. LS changes everything and makes teaching a breeze.

What’s next?

In two weeks time, I will be running the UX Fundamentals course at CodeClan again. In November, I will deliver the new UX Advanced training for the same lovely institution that I still feel strongly positive about. And then off to Poland again, this time to talk at two major conferences. It wouldn’t be possible at all without amazing people who want to take their career into their own hands. Helping them grow is one of the best things I could ever imagine.