Discovery work for Yoolo

I worked with a small Edinburgh-based startup named Yoolo in order to find whether their business idea had a viable product-market fit.

This is the step that many startups don’t go through — to their later dismay. Yoolo were smart; they wanted to check whether there is a place for their idea on the consumer market. Only after such validation, they would spend money on developing the product (in their case — a website) and the infrastructure.

In order to understand the landscape and the demand, I’ve spent time with Yoolo to explore their concept. We then recruited a number of participants from the primary target group. Interviewing them provided us with an answer to the original question — and invalidated the idea to some extent. However, we’ve also opened doors to opportunities that none of us recognised before! This often happens when a proper discovery is run in the first place.

This is what Alex Marten, the Yoolo mastermind, said about our work:

Wojtek helped me test and validate a range of assumptions behind my idea and provided research into the desires and challenges of my future customers. He quickly understood my fairly complex technology proposition, and the results of his research were very clearly stated and will be extremely valuable for me when deciding our next steps as a company. I can recommend his services to anyone who would like to test their business concept before going to the expense and stress of developing it.

I could only wish for more customers like Yoolo. 🙂