Embedding UX culture at Cinkciarz.pl

Cinkciarz.pl (operating internationally under the brand of Conotoxia) is one of the biggest Polish fintech companies. With their headquarters in the magical city of Zielona Gora, the organisation provides currency exchange services to many users around the globe.

The work environment is extremely dynamic. Growing rapidly and expanding to new markets, the organisation focuses on improving the quality of customer experience. The relatively new UX team works hard on making the lives of users easy — and I have the privilege to be able to help them with that.

My role is to help the UX team embed user-centric practices at the heart of the company. Whilst this is always a challenging task, I am happy to say that after more than a year of my involvement — things are shaping up. My last, week-long visit to Poland confirmed that. I have worked on-site to support my colleagues, and I noticed an immense, positive change in the approach to how the development and project management teams plan their actions.

It’s good to see how conversations can improve the quality of delivery across such a vast ecosystem of web and mobile apps. Whilst extending the toolset of the UX team (e.g. recent adoption of Jobs To Be Done) is important — ultimately it’s the will of people that makes the difference.

I asked Marcin Woźny, Cinkciarz’s UX Team Lead for a little testimonial after the recent training I facilitated for his team. Here’s what he said:

We’ve asked Wojtek to help us introduce the user-centric culture at Cinkciarz/Conotoxia. We were not disappointed. He analysed our requirements — and came back with practical, actionable guidance. Wojtek is very communicative and open to questions, not only during the session but also during the implementation phase.

Our relationship will continue — stay tuned for more updates.