UX for Product Teams: two-day online training

Thinking of UX training for your team?

No need to wait for until the lockdown and working-from-home is replaced by regular office work. No reason to hire expensive training venues.

  • Grow the confidence in decisions taken by your Product Team.
  • Embed the User Experience (UX) methods at the core of their practice.
  • Explore UX within the context of your organisation.
  • Empower individuals and increase work satisfaction of your personnel.
  • Allow your team to Team to ask questions that would otherwise by hard to answer.

Two-day online training: UX Crash Course

During this highly interactive training, participants learn:

  1. Basic principles of UX focused on delivering user-centric products within the typical product-development lifecycle,
  2. Core concepts of accessibility, inclusion and design justice — to build services and products that are ethical and fair,
  3. Methods such as proto-persona development, persona validation, critical looking at websites, usability testing (planning, facilitation and analysis) or other methods tailored to the needs of your organisation.

I believe that effective training has to work for different organisations. I also believe that traditional, lecture-based teaching doesn’t work too well in 2020. That’s why my training is interactive, engaging and practical.

I am not teaching the same methods to each team. Instead, I take the needs of each company into consideration and I modify the programme to what is needed.

The cost

The final price depends on the number of attendees and tailored requirements. The average price is £650 per attendee (two-day basic online training).

If this looks expensive, consider the benefits of having a team that’s not shooting in the dark anymore. Fewer bugs. More customer satisfaction. Better conversion — and more profit. All of that with being user-friendly and fair (accessibility, inclusion and design justice are the key components of every training that will not be cut out).

My credentials

I have been delivering UX training for the last four years, with two and a half years spent at CodeClan, Scotland’s first Digital Skills Academy. More than 400 software development students went through my hands. Additionally, I created and delivered the well-known three day UX course to CodeClan customers (I am no longer involved with CodeClan, but the course was their bestseller amongst the short courses they offer).

Apart from working at CodeClan, I deliver UX courses to organisations across Europe. I worked with organisations such as Historic Environment Scotland, The Alliance, El Passion, Cinkciarz.pl, Nucleus Financial, Scottish Legal Complaints, Nesta — and others.

I have an extensive background in user experience and service design consulting. I am an international conference speaker. I also run mentoring for companies. I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

Don’t wait. In the current era and climate, learning and development of your staff is crucial to achieving organisational goals.

Training doesn’t have to be boring.

Attended a two day online UX course held by Wojtek in July. At a time when it’s impossible to attend courses face to face, Wojtek made a great job of making the course work online over Zoom. The course was engaging and entertaining and Wojtek was great at keeping the conversation flowing and creating meaningful tasks for us to put our knowledge to use – no easy task when talking to a dozen people over Zoom! Wojtek is well organised, thoughtful and communicated clearly throughout to ensure that the course worked as well over Zoom as it would in person.

Mark Donald, Business Analyst at Nucleus Financial, Edinburgh

Wojtek created an engaging training programme that helped the projects gather insights from their users, both in-person and through the technology, that they were able to feed back into the design and delivery of their platforms to make them even better. Wojtek has the experience and the ability to dive into the details of a new product, ask probing questions and advise on the best approaches to take to develop it further.

The projects who worked with him took a lot away from the sessions, gave me excellent feedback, and I arranged for follow up consultations for them to continue to work with Wojtek individually.

Kyle Usher, Programme Manager for Nesta

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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash.